Zeiss LSM

Zeiss Laser scanning microscopy

Terms and Conditions

Zeiss LSM 710 meta | acquired 2011

Aging note

This microscope is at the end of its lifecycle. Spare parts are not guaranteed anymore by Zeiss and broken lasers cannot be replaced. Please consider using the Leica LSM.


405 | 458 | 488 | 514 | 561 633


  • Plan-Apochromat 10x/0.3 M27
  • Plan-Apochromat 20x/0.8 M27
  • LCI Plan-Neofluar 25x/0.8 Imm Korr DIC M27
  • EC Plan-Neofluar 40x/1.30 Oil DIC M27
  • Plan-Apochromat 63x/1.4 Oil M27

Meta filter

Customizable spectrometer between 400 nm and 700 nm


Incubator XLmulti S1 | Heating unit XL S1 | CO2 unit S1