Associated platforms

Not finding what you need? Have a look at these associated microscopy platforms:

BioImage platform, Fribourg

The Bioimage plateform is a core service of the Departments of Biology and Medicine at University of Fribourg. We provide access to shared instrumentation and software for state-of-the-art light microscopy. We aim to assist you along the path “from sample to knowledge” with our know-how in image acquisition optimization and our expertise in image processing and data mining.

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Microscopy Imaging Center, Bern

The Microscopy Imaging Centre (MIC) of the University of Bern is an inter – faculty network for microscopy, involving members from many different institutions within the medical, VetSuisse and natural sciences faculties.

The MIC is the central contact point for high-end microcopy in Life Sciences for the entire University of Bern. It provides and organizes the access to high-end microscopes.

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